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Custom Domain email setup

  It's taken me a while, but I have finally got my email and domain setup correctly to support all the new  DMARC standards in place.  I used many services to check but  Learn and Test DMARC (  was by far the most entertaining and informative. DMARC Results --- Connection parameters --- Source IP address: Hostname: Sender: --- SPF --- RFC5321.MailFrom domain: Auth Result: PASS DMARC Alignment: PASS --- DKIM --- Domain: Selector: sig1 Algorithm: n/a Auth Result: PASS DMARC Alignment: PASS --- DMARC --- RFC5322.From domain: Policy (p=): quarantine SPF: PASS DKIM: PASS DMARC Result: PASS --- Final verdict --- DMARC does not take any specific action regarding message delivery. Generally, this means that the message will be successfully delivered. However, it's important to note that other factors like spam filters can still reject or quarantine a message. --------------------- Thanks for us